Brain Checkup

Why does my brain need a checkup?

In so many aspects of our life, we make it a priority to have regular check-ups. It is commonplace to get yearly checkups for our teeth, our bodies, and even our cars! Why not our brain? The most important part of our body that makes everything else “tick”, and we neglect to “check under the hood” when it comes to our own brain.

Every human brain functions differently – not “better” or “worse”, just differently. Whether you are a poker player looking to enhance your “sixth sense”, an intelligent CEO who has trouble with social interactions, or a college student plagued with attention challenges, we all can benefit by understanding how our brain functions.

What does a brain checkup look like?

Based on your personal needs, we utilize a combination of four different methods to do a full brain checkup. These diagnostic measures include:

After your brain checkup, the results (data) from the different diagnostic methods are analyzed to create a “big picture” of how your brain functions. Like any other checkup, the results are used to determine the next steps to address any areas that are not effectively serving you. You will be presented with not only the results of the different assessments, but also a suggested treatment approach that is created based on the checkup.