Treatments : Diagnostics

Bio Stress Test

While tracking your brain patterns with QEEG, we will simultaneously perform a bio stress test. We will track your breathing patterns, heart rate and pulse. You will be shown a series of images on a screen in front of you that are designed to evoke a stress response. With headphones on, you will be able to hear the sounds that correspond with each image. During the stress test, we are able to see not only how your brain responds to stress, but also how your biological parameters shift during the “fight or flight” response. Once the stress portion is complete, you will be asked to close your eyes and focus on relaxing and returning to a calm state. Equally as important as assessing your brain under stress, is the ability to evaluate how your brain works to come back to homeostasis. A bio stress test enables us to get an even more comprehensive view of how your body, as a whole, works together under stressful conditions.