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Photobiomodulation is another cutting edge treatment method that we incorporate into our practice. Like our other treatment methods, we are always monitoring brain activity with QEEG during sessions. While the treatment is taking place, we are monitoring its effectiveness with QEEG and are able to adjust the frequency of the infrared light as needed. This is a large advantage over simply purchasing the device and using it at home.
Infrared light is administered both intranasally and at various points around your head. The advantage of delivering the light intranasally is that the intranasal channel lacks hair and skin, which are natural barriers for light energy. The intranasal channel is about three inches from the brain, making it an incredibly efficient passage for photobiomodulation. Additionally, the deeper ventral brain area, which plays a large role in long term memory and hormonal regulation, is easier to modulate via the intranasal channel. 
Currently, the widely accepted idea behind the mechanism of photobiomodulation is that low level visible red to near infrared light energy is absorbed by mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) and converted into energy for cells to use for reparation and healing.

The VieLight website has educational videos and visuals to help further explain the mechanisms of photobiomodulation as well as how the device is used.