Success Stories

Yasmeen Ghauri

Yasmeen Ghauri, former top supermodel and Mom of two children, suffered with anxiety, depression and attention challenges. She attempted college, but due to her anxiety she left after taking only one class. Yasmeen described herself as unstable, unable to handle more than one thing at a time and found herself yelling frequently at her children. In 2009, she truly felt as if she was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. She sought treatment from another Psychiatrist, was put on medication and was given literature on healthy eating and some supplements that may help with her mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, she didn’t see the lasting results that she was in desperate need of and, once again, felt discouraged and defeated.

“I felt flat…like nobody was home.”

In 2016, everything changed. Her Psychiatrist at the time saw an article in the Washington Post about Dr. Asif and recommended that Yasmeen go visit him immediately. Dr. Asif welcomed her with open arms and began his thorough diagnostic procedure, starting with psychoanalysis and QEEG simultaneously. She went on to receive Dr. Asif’s full regimen of treatment therapies.

“He rolled his sleeves up and helped me unpack issues that I had never unpacked before. There was an opening in my mind and an awareness that I had never experienced. He’s like an artist. He brought me back to my teen years in terms of my mental wellbeing. It was a place I never thought I’d be able to return to.”

Yasmeen now sleeps better, is more energized and is fully engaged in life.


Elisabeth Davis

“Dear Dr. Asif, I do not know how to begin to thank you for your years of dedication. You aren’t just a doctor who prescribes medication and hopes for the best, you care and keep trying. I admire your willingness and intellect to be ahead of the curve on new techniques. As you well know we have a new wonderful daughter who is a delight to be with and a pride for her parents. There is no question that you have saved her life. How can our gratitude ever be enough for that gift. Please accept our thanks and love for your efforts and we wish you all the best in the coming years.” (Toni Davis, mother of patient)

Renee Stavros

“Thank you for providing the treatment that has enabled me to live my life again. After many years of medical doctors, psychotherapist, and medications, I had nearly lost hope of ever living a normal life. Now, after five months of treatment at your center, I have gone from feeling perpetually exhausted and depressed to feeling energized and happy. I have gone off all my medications and I feel better than I have ever felt.”

Cynthia Slattery

“Over this last year, you all have helped to give me the greatest gift, you helped me find myself again!”