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Hassan Asif Brain Wellness Center


Hassan Asif Brain Wellness Center


Cutting-edge neurotechnology aids addiction recovery at Brain Wellness Center

Whether your addiction is to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, or something else, the underlying problem lies within the structures of your brain. Hasan Asif, MD, at Brain Wellness Center specializes in cutting-edge neurotechnology capable of improving and normalizing brain function. As a key component of comprehensive addiction treatment, Dr. Asif’s neuroscience-based treatments can help you recover and move forward into a thriving life. To schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking feature.

Hassan Asif Brain Wellness Center

Addiction occurs when substances or behaviors activate the brain's reward system, causing pleasurable sensations. Dr. Asif specializes in treating various addictions and uses advanced diagnostic tests to identify dysfunction. These tests include:

  • Quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG): Measures brain waves and provides a detailed map of brain activity.
  • Cognitive testing: Assesses cognitive health, detecting issues like depression and memory loss.
  • Biostress test: Measures brain activity, heart rate, and breathing responses to stress-inducing images.

Dr. Asif combines psychotherapy with innovative neuroscience-based treatments like transcranial magnetic stimulation and neurofeedback to enhance brain function and overcome addiction. Comprehensive care is provided at the Brain Wellness Center. Brain performance enhancement offers benefits for various mental health conditions and cognitive goals. These include anxiety reduction, alleviating PTSD and traumatic stress, improving attention in ADD/ADHD, enhancing cognitive function, and anti-aging effects.

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