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Hassan Asif Brain Wellness Center


After struggling with anxiety and seeking multiple doctors, I found Dr. Asif who recommended TMS treatment. Under his care for 6+ months, I've seen significant improvement. Dr. Asif is attentive, dedicated, and up for any challenge to help his patients. I am grateful for his care and couldn't have made such progress without him.

Michael S.


Dr. Hasif is a godsend. I have worked with many doctors throughout my life for various reasons. When I was referred to Dr. Hasif I had just moved and was in a state of crisis and despair. I also have ADD. With his astute observations and use of EEG, he confirmed what he suspected by observation. My ADD had overwhelmed my brain from the move in addition to several very difficult life challenges and losses. I am feeling so much better after several weeks of treatment with his use TMS and neurofeedback, and have been able to discontinue several medications that Dr. Asif explained were not serving me. In addition to his stellar education, experience and expertise, Dr. Asif has a collaborative approach. He explains and includes me in the process of treatments. I am extremely grateful to have found him, I feel so much better and have hope again. He is truly the best of the best! J.S.

Jane S.


My husband was a patient of Dr. Asif treating his panic and anxiety disorders and mentioned that his wife was suffering from severe tinnitus. Dr. Asif asked him to have me come in because he could most likely help. I was at a desperation point in my life dealing with this loud hissing in my left ear so I made an appt. Dr Asif started with an EEG continued on with TMS treatment and now 1 year later I no longer have the debilitating hissing in my left ear. Thanks to Dr. Asif my life has changed dramatically, the hissing in my left ear has gone from a 10 almost every day and night to almost not hearing the hissing at all. Dr. Asif told me 11/2 years ago that he could help me and thank God he has. Thank you Dr. Asif for giving me my life back!

Kathy N.


My husband suffered a host of symptoms from heavy metal poisoning. After a month of treatment at one of the top hospitals in the country, he was left with dementia, delusion, and worse yet, a crippling medication side effect that made him unable to walk. His well-meaning doctor suggested that we send him to a nursing home. We were grasping at straws when I called Dr. Asif. We have been meeting with Dr. Asif twice a week for neurofeedback and TMS. During each session, the doctor carefully assesses the patient's progress and adjusts the treatments correspondingly. He always gives us undivided attention; we are never left to be treated by a therapist or technician alone. Now a month into treatment, my husband has regained his mental capacities and started to walk again. Given the dire prognosis from the previous doctors, the rapid improvement feels like a miracle. As we learn more about neurofeedback and TMS, we have come to realize that Dr. Asif is a pioneer in combining those new techniques along with conventional medications to achieve exceptional clinical outcomes. My husband is fortunate to have the opportunity to be treated by an expert that is also a warm and caring person.

N F.


My trust in Dr. Asif is boundless. I am both a patient and a clinician (i.e., a Clinical Psychologist) with much training in neuropsychology. From both perspectives, I can report that Dr. Asif has been and continues to be a vital, invaluable part of the ongoing treatment approach I use for mental health as well as for physical health issues. He has done for me what others have been unable to do. His use of TMS combined with QEEG is unique. So too is his compassion and grasp of complex mind body issues. I doubt that I would ever go to a practitioner with lesser skills. It is absolutely worthwhile to - at the very least have a consultation with him.

Laura M.


Dr. Asif genuinely cares about each and everyone one of his patients. He is on the cutting edge in his field and the results speak for themselves. His approach to TMS therapy was the only thing that actually worked for me. This is the best I've ever felt and I can't thank Dr. Asif enough.

Mike P.


Dr. Asif is a brilliant psychiatrist and neuro-therapist who was able to help me when no one else could. A psychologist myself, I was struggling with severe insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue and had to spend at least a few hours of every day in bed. I had tried everything and I was running out of hope. I heard about Dr. Asif from a health writer, and I flew in from Chicago for treatment for 4 or 5 days at a time. Dr. Asif predicted I would feel significantly better after the first two weeks, and I did. With additional treatments I just kept improving. Dr. Asif's approach to TMS is unique because it is consistently guided by an EEG, making it more reliable and effective than simply applying protocols based only on symptoms. Today I am able to live a normal life and I am so grateful to Dr. Asif and the kind and talented staff at the Brain Wellness Center for giving me my life back.

Renee S.


I found Dr. Asif for neurofeedback, TMS and treatment of PTSD/anxiety/depression. He is truly on the cutting edge, and carefully showed me on EEG scans what was going haywire in my brain. After each session, he also showed me where/how things had improved in my brain. For me it's not a rapid process, it's more gradual, but I feel the benefit.

Linda G.


Dr. Asif is a trailblazer in his field. He uses cutting edge techniques in his practice, and has helped numerous clients that other physicians have deemed too far gone. His passion for helping people achieve their best lives has fueled a practice like no other. Brain Wellness Center is the gold standard not only in psychiatry, but brain optimization.

A G.


I worked with Dr. Asif a little over 6 years ago and he was able to cure my PTSD after a major traumatic incident. I say cure wholeheartedly because after completing his sessions, I did not need medication to manage my symptoms and was able to return to normal life. A few weeks ago, I was faced with another triggering event that put me in a mental place far worse than 6 years ago. Dr. Asif reassured me that I would get through this and with his help, he was right. Psychiatry is hard because you can’t “see” it but Dr. Asif’s ability to listen to what you are feeling and display, with the use of his technology, what is happening in your brain makes it feel real- I felt like someone understands, can see it and will FIX it. He showed me my progress with each session and explained everything during my experience. After just two sessions, I felt extremely relaxed, able to focus, and gain control of my life again. I am so grateful for him and his dedication to his practice!

Jasmine D.


Dr. Asif Was highly recommended by many of my peers in the medical profession to help my son who was suffering from anxiety and depression . It was a difficult journey using state of the art treatment and humanistic approach in achieving mental stability . Thank you very much for saving my son .

Sha T.


Dr. Asif was very knowledgeable about various causes and solutions to my difficulties. I was even an out of state patient and Dr. Asif has still been helping me when I wasn’t around. He is very great with keeping you at ease, communicating information.

Anonymous A.