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Hassan Asif Brain Wellness Center


Hassan Asif Brain Wellness Center


Innovative neuropsychotherapy for depression at Brain Wellness Center

Of the 7% of adults suffering from clinical depression, 33-50% find that routine medications fail to help. When you need more help than conventional therapies, Hasan Asif, MD, at Brain Wellness Center offers neuropsychotherapy and cutting-edge, neuroscience-based diagnostic tests and treatment that target the mood center in your brain. To learn more about Dr. Asif’s innovative approach to enhancing your brain to treat depression, call or schedule an appointment online.

Hassan Asif Brain Wellness Center

If you experience symptoms of depression that significantly impact your daily life, it's crucial to seek help from a mental health professional. Signs that indicate the need for a consultation include loss of interest in activities, changes in sleep patterns, difficulty making decisions, low energy levels, feelings of worthlessness, unexplained weight changes, thoughts of suicide, and physical symptoms.

The Role of Brain Checkup in Depression Treatment

At Brain Wellness Center, Dr. Asif utilizes a specialized diagnostic approach that combines psychiatric assessments with neuroscience-based technologies to guide depression treatment. This includes quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) for brain wave analysis, cognitive testing, biostress tests, and genetic assays.

Treatment Approaches for Depression

Brain Wellness Center offers advanced treatment options beyond conventional methods, such as medication management based on genetic testing, neuropsychotherapy with QEEG monitoring, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and additional therapies like neurofeedback and photobiomodulation.

Schedule an Appointment

To access cutting-edge treatment at Brain Wellness Center, you can schedule an appointment through their phone or online booking system. While insurance is not accepted, reimbursement may be possible by submitting the provided bill with CPT codes to your insurance provider.